Webinar: Exposing the profiteers behind Medicare REACH

Shortly after the Medicare REACH program went live in January 2023, advocates gathered to learn about companies with a history of bad behavior—like Cigna, Humana, and Centene—that had nevertheless been approved to administer Traditional Medicare benefits. Attendees also learned about next steps in the campaign to protect Medicare and stop REACH.

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We need to build a large coalition of seniors, people with disabilities, physicians, students, and everybody else who cares about the future of Traditional Medicare. Together, we can push the Biden administration to finally end the REACH program.

Physicians call out “bad actors” in Medicare REACH

During 2022, Physicians for a National Health Program investigated a select sample of Direct Contracting Entities (the precursor to REACH) and uncovered a range of bad behavior on the part of parent companies and affiliates that was as unsettling as it was commonplace. Examples ranged from lawsuits and whistleblower complaints to multi-million dollar settlements.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Pramila Jayapal sent a letter to the administrator of Medicare and Medicaid citing these findings. They noted that the participation of companies with suspect histories in the Direct Contracting program “reveals ongoing threats to Medicare, raising concerns that the ACO REACH model could allow bad corporate actors into Medicare, putting patients and taxpayer dollars at risk.”

Once the REACH program went live, PNHP sent its own letter (read the letter HERE) to senior Biden administration officials describing the many reasons why for-profit entities cannot be trusted to administer Traditional Medicare benefits, and calling for an end to the REACH program.

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