Medicare Disadvantage

Commercial health insurers and their investors have been profiting off the Medicare program for decades. The so-called “Medicare Advantage” program allows these famously wasteful companies to administer health benefits for seniors and people with disabilities. Over half of Medicare beneficiaries will be enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan in 2024.

By nearly any measure, Traditional Medicare is a better deal for patients, doctors, and taxpayers. Beneficiaries may pay lower premiums up-front under Medicare Advantage, but they can be burdened later on with high cost-sharing, narrow provider networks, and outright denials of care—burdens that they would not have to bear if they had enrolled in Traditional Medicare.

Millions of seniors feel trapped in Medicare Advantage

Many Americans sign up for Medicare Advantage on a trial basis, but are surprised to learn that it can be difficult to switch over to Traditional Medicare. People who have been enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan for more than one year may have their application for a Medigap plan denied after they switch to Traditional Medicare, or they may be charged far more in premiums than if they had signed up at age 65.

Understanding the problems with Medicare Advantage

Learn more about Medicare Advantage

Download our one-page fact sheet explaining the burdens that Medicare Advantage places on patients and taxpayers, from denying medically necessary care to grossly overcharging the Medicare program to threatening the future of traditional (truly public) Medicare.

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