Medicare Advantage in the News

As the Medicare Advantage program continues to grow (and as Wall Street investors continue to profit), advocates are pushing back against the many ways that commercial health insurers are shortchanging seniors and people with disabilities. News reports, investigations, and opinion pieces have all highlighted troubling behavior on the part of Medicare profiteers.

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New York Times report exposes Medicare Advantage

In October 2022, The New York Times published a stunning rundown of fraud allegations and lawsuits against Medicare Advantage insurers, many of whom have lined up to participate in Medicare Direct Contracting and REACH. Read the report HERE.

Senate Report: Deceptive Marketing Practices in Medicare Advantage

Why do seniors sign up for Medicare Advantage? Targeted advertising and marketing helps insurers boost their rolls with the healthiest beneficiaries, and these tactics can be more than just annoying, they can be downright harmful. As the 2023 Medicare open enrollment period opened, the Senate Finance Committee issued a damning report of deceptive marketing practices in Medicare Advantage.

“Information submitted by states demonstrates that beneficiaries are inundated with fraudulent and misleading communications across all modes of communication (in-person, television, telemarketer, and robo-calls),” the report reads. “False and misleading marketing advertisements and fraudulent sales practices undermine access to care and the trust beneficiaries have in the Medicare program.”

Medicare Advantage news stories and opinion pieces

Medicare advocates have been raising the alarm about Medicare Advantage during the Oct. 15 – Dec. 7 open enrollment period.

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