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On January 26, our coalition responded to the official launch of REACH with a webinar, “Exposing the profiteers behind Medicare REACH.” Watch the recording to learn how YOU can stand up for Traditional Medicare.

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The Medicare REACH program puts middlemen between patients and the care they need. This threatens the future of Traditional Medicare as an effective, efficient, and truly public health care program.

Resolutions Cover

Direct Contracting and REACH aren’t the only threats to Traditional Medicare. Medicare Advantage has become a cash cow for Wall Street by making patients and doctors jump through hoops to access health care.

Medicare Protectors

Lawmakers in Congress and former officials with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have spoken out about the dangers of privatization.

Health Justice Allies

Do you know of a local or national organization that is concerned about the future of Medicare? Encourage them to sign our organizational sign-on letter.

Take Action

Sign our petition. Call your member of Congress. Write a letter to the editor. Together, we can raise the alarm about this transparent attempt to privatize Medicare.

Dr. Susan Rogers explains the threat to Medicare

Wall Street is REACHing for our Medicare

For decades, commercial insurance companies have chipped away at our crucial public health programs. The profits they realize from Medicare Advantage and Medicaid managed care are both lucrative and unconscionable…but they have their eyes set on an even bigger prize: Traditional Medicare. The recently launched Medicare REACH program allows third-party middlemen to pocket up to 40% of the dollars dedicated to patients in their care. We need to end this ruinous experiment and recommit to a humane, efficient, and truly public Medicare program.

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Dr. Claudia Fegan on why we must fight profiteering

Organizational sign-on letter

More than 250 national and local organizations that are concerned about the future of Medicare have signed a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra demanding an end to the REACH program. Add your organization today!